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RestoreX by PathRight Medical was developed in cooperation and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic. RestoreX is used for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease and is also now available to correct penile curvature or indentation/hourglass deformity, restore penile length loss secondary to medical conditions or due to prior surgery/trauma, and to limit loss of erectile function post-prostatectomy. Review Proven Clinical Results to learn more about the results you can expect using RestoreX for 30 to 60 minutes per day.

Key Findings with Peyronie’s Disease include:

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improved length
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experienced reduction
in curvature
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regained penetration
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preferred RestoreX to
other traction devices

Easy to use

RestoreX is easy to use. Unlike other systems that require 3-9 hours of daily use, RestoreX may be conveniently used in the privacy of your home for 1 or 2, 30-minute treatments per day. It also is a simple and compact system which does not require complicated attachments, lubrication, suction bulbs, straps or more.

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PathRight Medical was formed in 2015 to meaningfully improve the lives of men with Peyronie’s disease or those with side effects associated with urological surgeries or chronic disease. PathRight Medical developed RestoreX in cooperation with Mayo Clinic.

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